Solomon Asked for Wisdom

Dear Parents,

The downfall of David’s kingdom was propelled by David’s sin with Bathsheba. Amid the pain of losing their firstborn son, God showed David and Bathsheba that He still loved them. Bathsheba gave birth to Solomon. God chose Solomon to be Israel’s next king. (See 2 Sam. 12:24-25; 1 Chron. 22:9-13.)

David spoke to his son from his deathbed, giving specific instructions: “Keep your obligation to the LORD your God to walk in his ways” (1 Kings 2:3a). After 40 years of reigning over Israel, David died and Solomon became Israel’s king.

Early in Solomon’s reign, God appeared to him in a dream. “What should I give you?” God asked. Solomon’s response set him apart from many other kings. His God-honoring qualities were apparent. First, Solomon humbly acknowledged his lack of experience in leading God’s people. Then he said, “Give your servant a receptive heart to judge your people and to discern between good and evil. For who is able to judge this great people of yours?” (1 Kings 3:9).

If you were a king or queen and God offered to give you anything you asked for, what request would you make? Ask the kids you teach what they would ask for if they could receive anything their hearts desired. One might assume that a king would ask for power or for victory over his enemies. Perhaps he would ask for riches or to live a long life. Solomon asked for none of these. Instead, he asked God to make him wise. God was pleased with Solomon’s request, and He agreed to give Solomon a wise and understanding heart.

Solomon’s heart was surrendered to God. Solomon was a wise king who wanted to do God’s plan. Solomon wasn’t perfect, but God had a plan to give His people a greater and wiser king—His Son, Jesus. Jesus completely trusted God. Jesus surrendered His own life to die on the cross for our sin.

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| Babies and Toddlers

  • God knows everything.

  • King Solomon asked God to make him wise.

  • God gave Solomon wisdom to lead God’s people.

  • Wisdom is loving God and obeying His words..

| Preschool

  • What does God know? God knows everything.

  • God gave Solomon wisdom.

| Kids

  • What does God know? God knows everything about the past, present, and future.

  • God gave Solomon wisdom to lead His people.


James 1:5

“Wisdom for God’s People” (Proverbs; Ecclesiastes; Song of Songs)

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