David's Psalm

Dear Parents,

The Book of Psalms contains 150 psalms—poems, songs, and prayers—from a time in Israel’s history spanning from Moses (about the 1400s BC) to Israel’s exile to Babylon (about the 500s BC). Nearly half of the psalms are attributed to King David.

David wrote Psalm 23, one of the most well-known psalms in the Bible. David’s background as a shepherd equipped him to use the imagery of a sheep and shepherd to describe the Lord’s guidance and care for His people. When Saul went to Jesse to anoint one of his sons, David was with the sheep. (1 Sam. 16:19) David’s experience protecting his father’s sheep gave him confidence in the Lord’s ability to deliver. (1 Sam. 17:37)

A shepherd leads his sheep to pastures where they can find food. He watches over his sheep to protect them from danger. He cares for them, lifting a fallen sheep from a pit and ensuring not one is lost.

This was David’s experience of the Lord. He provided for David’s needs. He led him to places of peace and rest. He guided him on the right paths. The Lord was with David, and He is with us.

Jesus had compassion on the crowds who were “like sheep without a shepherd” (Matt. 9:36). Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep” (John 10:11). Jesus laid down His life to save people from sin. He assured His disciples that when He returns, He will gather His sheep from among the nations and welcome them into His kingdom. (Matt. 26:32-34)

David compared God’s love, protection, and guidance for His people to that provided by a shepherd for his sheep. Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He laid down His life to save people from sin. Because of Jesus, we have hope that one day we will live with God forever.

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| Babies and Toddlers

  • Jesus is our King.

  • David wrote a song about God’s kindness.

  • David said God is like a shepherd.

  • God shows His goodness and faithful love to us.

| Preschool

  • How is Jesus the perfect King? Jesus perfectly rules over everything.

  • David wrote a song to praise God.

| Kids

  • How is Jesus the perfect King? Jesus perfectly rules over the universe as the King of kings.

  • David wrote a psalm to praise God.


Psalm 145:13

“Solomon Asked for Wisdom” (1 Kings 2–3)

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