David's Kindness

Dear Parents,

Though King Saul was an adversary to David, Saul’s son Jonathan loved him as much as he loved himself. (See 1 Sam. 18:1.) Before David fled from King Saul and journeyed toward Moab, Jonathan appealed to his friend David, “If I continue to live, show me kindness from the Lord, but if I die, don’t ever withdraw your kindness from my household” (1 Sam. 20:14-15a).

Following the deaths of King Saul and his son Jonathan, David was made king over Israel. The Lord was with David, and he experienced numerous military victories. David remembered the promise he made to his best friend Jonathan and was determined to keep it.

David asked a servant of Saul’s family if anyone remained from Saul’s family. The servant mentioned Jonathan’s son. Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth (meh FIB oh sheth) had been injured when he was five years old, so his feet were crippled. (2 Sam. 4:4) David brought Mephibosheth to his house. Mephibosheth fell facedown before David. As a descendant of Saul, he was right to fear the king. But David said, “Don’t be afraid.”

David showed kindness to Mephibosheth, promising to restore to him all of Saul’s fields. He appointed servants to work the fields. The fields would provide an income for Mephibosheth. David also announced that Mephibosheth would eat meals at David’s table, just like one of the king’s sons. So Mephibosheth lived in Jerusalem and always ate at the king’s table.

King David showed surprising kindness to Mephibosheth even though he didn’t have to. In a greater way, God shows surprising kindness to us. Because of Jesus, He invites us into His family and gives us life with Him forever.

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| Babies and Toddlers

  • Jesus is our King.

  • David remembered his promise to Jonathan.

  • David showed kindness to Mephibosheth.

  • One day, Jesus will eat with us at His table.

| Preschool

  • How is Jesus the perfect King? Jesus perfectly rules over everything.

  • David showed kindness to Jonathan’s son.

| Kids

  • How is Jesus the perfect King? Jesus perfectly rules over the universe as the King of kings.

  • David showed kindness to Jonathan’s son.


Psalm 145:13

“David Sinned and Was Restored” (2 Samuel 11–12; Psalm 51)

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