David Was Anointed

Dear Parents,

Samuel had anointed Saul as king over Israel, but it wasn’t long before Saul’s disobedience led God to reject him as king. God sent Samuel to Bethlehem to meet Jesse—a man in the family line of Judah. God had chosen one of Jesse’s sons to be Israel’s king.

When Samuel saw Jesse’s oldest son, Eliab, he thought, “This must be the one God has chosen!” Eliab was likely tall and good-looking. Why wouldn’t God choose someone like that? But God doesn’t make decisions like people do. Read what God said to Samuel in 1 Samuel 16:7.

Jesse’s sons took turns passing before Samuel, one by one. Samuel was probably eager to hear which son God had chosen to be Israel’s next king! Abinadab? No, not him. Shammah? No. “The Lord hasn’t chosen this one either.”

It seemed Samuel was out of options, but Jesse had one more son; his youngest, David, was out tending the sheep. David came in and God said, “This is the one.” Samuel anointed David, and the Spirit of the Lord was with David.

David did not become king right away. Saul was still on the throne, and David was still young. One day, David found himself at the battle where the Philistines had gathered to fight the Israelites. The story of David and Goliath is one of the most well-known accounts in the Old Testament. When the Israelites cowered in fear, David—with God’s power—stepped up and defeated the enemy with just a sling and a stone.

David did not look like a king or a mighty warrior, but God chose him to be king over Israel and gave him victory over Goliath. The Israelites were too weak and afraid to face Goliath; they needed David to fight on their behalf. In a similar way, though Jesus did not look like a warrior or king, we need Him to fight for us. Jesus gives us victory over sin and death.

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| Babies and Toddlers

  • Jesus is our King.

  • God chose David to be king after Saul.

  •  God gave David power to fight Goliath.

  • Jesus has power to fight sin and death.

| Preschool

  • How is Jesus the perfect King? Jesus perfectly rules over everything.

  •  God chose David to be king.

| Kids

  • How is Jesus the perfect King? Jesus perfectly rules over the universe as the King of kings.

  • God chose David to be king instead of Saul.


Psalm 145:13

“David Showed Mercy” (1 Samuel 24)

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