We value Jesus and the message of the Bible. We unashamedly trust what it says and will not compromise the Good News of God’s love, sacrifice, and eternal hope at any cost



We love people regardless of their baggage because that is what Jesus does! We will diligently work and do whatever it takes to break down barriers that hinder people from coming to know Jesus in a personal way

God’s people learn and grow best in a faith journey together! We will strive to actively build environments that foster growth and healthy relationships with each other.


We value movements that will shape our community and world! We serve a BIG God who is capable of so much more than we can ever imagine. Therefore, we will pray, dream, and risk big to accomplish God's agenda. We will do whatever it takes to see more people have the opportunity locally, nationally, and globally to know God and follow Him with their life.





At the core Milestone is a Church that longs to see a movement throughout MetroWest Boston. Every town deserves a healthy life-giving church. We are willing to do whatever it takes to see more people know and follow Jesus. Our prayer is we would see 10 new churches planted in the next 10 years, one town - one church at a time!